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About DotNetNuke Stock Quote Module

Giving your site visitors relevant information is critical. With the Data Springs Stock Module you can provide your users with up to date financial information.   Finance_DotNetNuke_Module1.jpg

Stock Quotes provides you with an easy method of displaying up to date financial and stock information on your DotNetNuke portal. You can utilize the module in multiple ways, displaying stock nformation for just one particular stock, or adding multiple stocks to the module. You can configure the layout of the module, including the header, item, and footer templates, while also providing optional features such as the ability for users to add their own stocks to the module if they wish.



Up to date information!

  • Stock Quotes for DotNetNuke provides you with up to date stock quotes (only 20 minute delays!). For each stock symbol you can retrieve the following:
    • Stock Symbol
    • Last Trade Price
    • Last Trade Date
    • Last Trade Time
    • Price Change
    • Day Open Price
    • Day High Price
    • Day Low Price
    • Volume
    • Market Cap
    • Prev Close Price
    • Percentage Change
    • 52 Week Range (low to high)
    • EPS
    • PE
    • Company Name
  • Setup as few or as many stock symbols to be displayed
  • Set the sort order of each ticker symbol

Additional Features:

  • Optionally allow the user to add their own stocks to the list. If thers add their own stocks they will be displayed right underneath the stocks the administrator has defined.
  • Optionally set a header or footer to the stock module
  • Get creative! Add links back to financial institutions for particular stocks and add images, graphics, detailed stock information with each stock symbol.


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Whats new in 1.2?

  • Now optionally display an UP or DOWN image for prices (you can change these images if you would like) and also the ability to use a style sheet class for positive and negative percentages. With this you can display a negative percentage for example, in red, while a positive percentage can be reflected in blue.
  • New stock quote tokens (over 20 new tokens to choose from). A full list of extended tokens for the stock quote module can be found here.

Stock Quote 1.2 Trial Download Q & A

Please download the Stock Quote Trial Below


Stock Quote Trial Q & A

Question:  Are there any limitations within the trial version?

Answer: The only limitation is that the trial version is available for you to test for 20 days. There is also a note at the bottom of the Stock Quote page indicating that this is a trial version.

Question:  I have tested the trial version and decided that it is just what I need.   Will I have to recreate my Stock Quotes when I install the Standard or Enterprise package?

Answer:  No. If you are upgrading from the trial version you can simply install the module on top of the existing installation. Your quotes, configuration, completion events, and setup will all stay intact.

Question:  I really want to use the Stock Quote module but I want you guys to install it. Do you guys handle installation and configuration?

Answer:  Yes, our team can handle your forms implementation no matter how small or how large it is. You can review our Premium Support Hours and can contact us with any questions.

Question:  What are the requirements for Stock Quote?

Answer:  Stock Quote requires DotNetNuke® 4.5.x. or higher. Stock Quote has been tested and does work with DNN 4.8.x, 4.9.x, and the new 5.0 version.  DotNetNuke® is an open source ASP.NET framework.   For more details on this framework please visit


Stock Quote Trial Form

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