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Dynamic Forms Demonstration - Question & Completion Events

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Dynamic Form Demonstration - Demonstrating question and completion events...

This demonstration outlines using several key question events and completion events. Although question events and completion events are used in other demonstrations, we have outlined a large number of them here.


Note: Question events cause a post back during form interaction (before submission). Client Side Events were introduced in 2.5 and you might review these in a separate demonstration as they can often handle some of the uses for question events but are faster since they do not require a browser post back.


Completion events are fired after form submission and can optionally be based on any field response or a specific field response. You can also setup as few or as many completion events. In this example we have setup an either / or type situation for completion events. If you specify to execute a completion event you will see options to email the form results, add you to a security role (if you are signed in), redirect to a specific page, etc... Unfortunatly the two completion events to execute a SQL Query or HTTP Post cannot be setup for demonstration however you can test these on if you need to.

  1. Within the first section we have defined two question events.
    • One question event is setup for the 'Hide work phone' checkbox as the question event postback field, an event type of 'Hide field', and an affected question of 'Work Phone'. Keep in mind in question events you can have as many 'Affected questions' as you would like, so we could have easily hidden multiple fields if we wanted to. Now, when you check this checkbox the Work Phone textbox should be hidden.
    • One question event is setup to 'Disable web site' checkbox as the question event postback field, an event type of 'Disable field', and an affected question of 'Web Site'. Again, you can have multiple affected fields so if you wanted to disable multiple fields based on the postback question you can specify as many affected questions as you would like. There are also stylesheet properties setup for each field type when a field is disabled. This can allow you to alter the look (i.e. grey out) the field look and feel. These stylesheet properties are setup under the Module Configuration, Stylesheet settings. For textbox the stylesheet class is DynamicForms_DisabledTextBox. Now, when you check this checkbox the Web Site textbox should be disabled.
  2. In the second section, we have setup two question events.
    • One question event sets the default values for the second question to 'No'. In this question event the postback question is the first yes/no dropdownlist and the affected field is the second radio button question. Although the affected field can be any field type (i.e. default a radio button, checkbox, checkboxlist, listbox, dropdownlist, or even a textbox) you can only specify one affected field for Default Value question events.
    • One question event is setup almost the exact same as the first default value question event, however the postback 'Value' is set to 'Yes' instead of 'No'
  3. In the third section, we have setup two question events and also a field which will determine which form completion event will be fired upon form submission.
    • The first question event setup for this section is setup to display a hidden field. To setup this question event we specified the dropdownlist field 'Would you like to execute a completion event' as the postback question, and the field 'Selection the completion event to execute' as the affected field. The question event type is 'Display previously hidden field'. In order to setup this event you must first go to the field which should be hidden and specify the checkbox 'Hide question until forced visible by question event. This setting is under Advanced Field settings within the specific field settings. We set the postback value which will trigger this event to be 'Yes'. With this event, the hidden question will never be displayed unless the post back value is Yes, in which case it will appear.
    • The second question event is similar to the first question event to display a previously hidden field. This other hidden field is also setup under Advanced Field Settings to be 'Hidden until forced visible by question event.'. The field is setup to only be displayed if the user chooses 'Redirection' as the completion event type.
    • Within this section we also are setting up which form completion event should be fired upon form submission. You can setup as many or as few completion events as you would like upon form submission and they can always be executed or be executed based on a fields response. In this example we are demonstrating several completion events.
      • If you select the email completion event, the form results will be emailed to the email address you specified within section one of the form - View Screenshot
      • If you select the redirection event, you will be redirected to a different page depending on the additional question to determine which page you want to be redirected too - View Screenshot
      • If you select the role event your user (if you are signed in) will be added to a demonstration role.
        • View Screenshot
        • Note: Come back to this demonstration page to see an additional module notifying you that you are part of that security role after you submit the form.
      • We are not able to demonstrate the SQL Event or HTTP Post event within the demonstration however you can refer to the product forums and user guide for information on setting up these completion events.



tip6.gifWould you like to setup your form just as this demonstration is setup? If so simply download this template and copy it to your DNN Portals Home Directory to use the IPORTABLE feature of the module (Select Import Content from the module menu and import the template):



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