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Q & A

Question:  Why are there two versions for the trial (one 32 bit and one 64 bit)?

Answer: There are two installation files when you download and install the trial release, and these installation files (reflected by the names of the files) reflect an installation for 32 BIT operating Systems and 64 bit operating systems / web site setup.   The Bounceback feature of Opt In Email uses a 3rd party component/DLL to handle and track bouncebacks. This component has specific builds (DLL file) within the 32 bit or 64 bit operating system/web site. The 32 bit installation file is the most common, but if you are running your site on 64 bit you should install that version. There are no other differences besides this file/DLL between the two installation files.


Important: If you install the 32 bit or 64 bit version and your site does not work properly you installed the wrong edition for your site. This is easy to fix, you need to delete the file called ChilkatDotNet2.dll from your dotnetnuke\bin directory  and then from there go and install the other edition. So, if you install the 32 bit version and receive an error after installation, simply delete that file and install the 64 bit edition.

Question:  Are there any limitations within the trial version?

Answer: The only limitation is that the trial version is available for you to test for 20 days and the subject line for emails that go out will include the text 'Trial'.

Question:  I have tested the trial version and decided that it is just what I need.   Will I have to recreate my settings and opt in configuration/lists when I install the Standard or Enterprise package?

Answer:  No. If you are upgrading from the trial version you can simply install the module on top of the existing installation. Your Opt In Email lists, configurations, and settings will stay intact.

Question:  I really want to use the Opt In Email module but I want you guys to install it. Do you guys handle installation and configuration?

Answer:  Yes, our team can handle your forms implementation no matter how small or how large it is. You can review our Premium Support Hours and can contact us with any questions.

Question:  What are the requirements for Opt In Email?

Answer:  Opt In Email requires DotNetNuke® 4.5.x. or higher. Opt In Email has been tested and does work with DNN 4.8.x, 4.9.x, and the new 5.0/5.1 version.  DotNetNuke® is an open source ASP.NET framework.   For more details on this framework please visit


Download Opt In Email Trial Version

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