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new to the springs
new to the springs

03-03-2009 06:02 AM

    on my web site I have a Poll Module if a user is not logged in a link will display a message saying you need to login or register to use the poll module if the users click the link it brings the user to the page below.

    On this page if i click the "register" link i am suppose to go to the register page however the URL has a space in it and the user never gets to the intended page i want to remove the blank space and resolve this, the url that has the space in it is shown below. /Default.aspx


    I have posted this in the DNN Forum but they are telling me that  it is a module specifc problem to do with the ReturnURL not being passed when linking to the login control


    I was advised that I need "an appropriate RETURNURL querystring parameter when linking to the LOGIN control"

    like this ;

    Your module has this :


    here is the link to the page with the modules on it

    under each poll you will see the link "Register or Sign in to rate your Politician" when you click it , you will be brought to the login page.  its then when you click register the malformed URL appears


    kind regards



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