Dynamic User Directory 2.5 Release
Last Post 06-04-2009 05:04 AM by Pontus Österlin. 1 Replies.
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Chad NashUser is Offline

03-09-2009 10:08 AM

    Hi guys... The new 2.5 version of Dynamic User Directory will be released in the coming weeks, we are just finishing up the documentation and so forth. I wanted to highlight some new features and changes in the 2.5 release.

    • New Administration Control Panel to easily manage the user directory template, the search fields, the module configuration etc...
    • Export to Excel  features can be defined per security roles. This means that you can setup the ability to export the filtered/searched results to an Excel file, and you can limit the export link to users within a specific security role.
    • Hide search conditions dropdownlist - Search conditions such as 'Contains', 'Begins With', 'Not Empty' were currently defined within a dropdownlist, however you might only want to have a single criteria so now you can optionally hide the search criteria.
    • IPORTABLE Support - Dynamic User Directory now supports exporting and importing the directory template, module configuration, search fields, and other settings!
    • Optionally only display authorized users only
    • Define search field labels - Within previous versions you could setup the search field labels based on localized variables (which you still can for localization), however now these search labels can easily be defined directly within the administration control panel.


    The latest version will also include a trial version you will be able to download from the main Dynamic User Directory Product Page (left hand side).







    Pontus ÖsterlinUser is Offline
    wading in the water
    wading in the water

    06-04-2009 05:04 AM

    Goodie! Great job!

    As I understand the much wanted feature of multiple sorting fields is not included in this release. Any ideas if or when such a feature will be implemented. I have a client that needs it badly.

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