User Interface for module admin not user friendly!
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skipping stones
skipping stones

08-30-2013 05:31 AM
    After having used DF for a few weeks now on a DNN 7 installation, I wonder if I am the only one having issues with the module's user interface when creating or modifying forms.

    Particularly I notice these (really annoying) issues:

    • Most of the time, the tooltips next to each module option do not pop up automatically. Instead, I have to click the tooltip, at which time a "processing, please wait" message comes up, and 5 seconds later the module refreshes with all panels collapsed. I can then re-open the panel I was in, and the tooltip will then show when I hover over it. As an example, let's say I'm in the module config where dynamic panels are added/removed. I want to see the tooltip help for Include Ruler Under Title. I hover over it and all I see is my cursor change to a link style cursor. I click the mouse, and get a "processing" message. 5 seconds later the module comes back but now all the panels are collapsed. I now have to click the little tiny + next to Layout, and then Dynamic Panels, to get back to where I was in order to see the tooltip.
    • The overall layout of the module config, with all its options makes it confusing and difficult to use. And slow. Seems everything I do, causes a "processing, please wait" message and each time that takes at least 3 seconds. Does not sound like much but it is very annoying and it really does slow you down.
    • The drag and drop feature is very odd. When I begin dragging, the drag cursor is half a screen away from where my mouse pointer actually is.
    • When enabling the drag/drop feature, this breaks the drag/drop of DNN itself. So if I have a DF module on a page, and then need to drag a new html module on the page, I cannot do it. It's like DF has hijacked drag/drop functionality from DNN.

    I really like all the features of DF but honestly, the interface is poor in comparison to other modules. Look at Action Forms for one. This interface is fantastic. Intuitive, smooth, fast, and works with DNN7.

    Please consider this constructive criticism, not complaining!

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