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Dynamic Form 4.1 Capabilities - Specifics
Last Post 05-25-2012 11:36 AM by One Resolution. 0 Replies.
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new to the springs
new to the springs

05-25-2012 11:36 AM

    I've recently purchased the dynamic forms 4.1 in preparation to build an extensive online event application for the town of Vail, CO.  I'm familiar with Data Springs quality products and dynamic forms appears so far to be no different - pretty impressive!  However, I'm hoping that someone either at Data Springs or another user who would consider themselves to be an expert with the forms module to help answer some of my questions.  They are as follows: 

    Project overview: Goal is to create a series of pages that make up an online event permit application system.   We want each person to create an account on the portal, and be granted the access to manage all of their applications either started, saved, submitted, or starting a new one.  They then have the ability to complete an application for an event permit, and it notifies the admin and the site admin can access/view/approve/deny all applications from the form.  The actual form will require a series of questions, check boxes to determine if certain information needs to be completed or not (check box shows info, not checked doesn't show questions), each page will have an upload file field to upload their plan for that particular page of the application, ability to print/print pdf/save/edit the application.  

    I realize much of this is possible but I'm wanting to know where to look in the user guide, what examples online would be relevant, and/or how to do it.  

    1. Paging / tabs / etc - The form is going to be pretty big so we will want to break everything up into links/menu on the left with the questions/forms to the right.  Or possibly tabs at the top.  Each part of the application would have it's own part of the form.  Is this possible?.  For example, Event Summary, Site Plan, Communication Plan, Transportation plan, Food Permit, Liquor Permit, etc and so on. Doable?
    2. Application/Account Management - Is it possible for each person submitting the application to create an account via dnn portal and use that to access their specific applications/records from dynamic forms?  ability to create and save multiple application event permits at once.  Essentially a way to access past applications or applications in the process of being worked on.  Find old forms, edit forms, resubmit forms, essentially a management portion of the application.  We would also want the admin of the site to be able to see every application and apply a status to the application once it is submitted.  Either pending, approved, denied, etc. 
    3. Save, Edit, Submit, Copy - Is it possible to allow users to start an application, save it, login at another time, and finish application and submit it?  similar to #2 above.
    4. Form Submittals - I see that we can apply an action when submitted such as redirect to a page, or print a pdf, etc.  Is it possible to do more than one event upon submit?  We would want them to be redirected, and also receive an email notification and print a pdf.  Possible?
    5. Copy Application Results/Records - Is it possible upon submitting the application to ask the person if this is going to be an annual event, and if so, create a copy of the application for them to edit the dates and resubmit for the next year.  This way they wouldn't have to start all over and fill everything out again if they only needed to edit a few fields such as the date and other minor details.  Possible?
    6. Payment - last but not least, we want to collect a one time charge for the application.  I know payments can be received, but are there any issues with what I'm wanting to accomplish and collecting a payment?
    Ultimately you can see that I'm wanting to have database functionality and access tied into specific accounts and an elaborate form.  Is this possible?

    Has anyone created a pretty elaborate form with dynamic forms that I could see and check it out?  Something similar to the outline above?  Can anyone point me in the right direction for examples in the guide book, samples, and is it even possible to accomplish what I'm after with this module?  

    I realize I'm asking a lot here and am hopeful that dynamic module will work for the project. Many thanks!  Mike. 
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