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Stock Quote Module - Release 1.2
Last Post 04-25-2013 03:25 PM by Jeremy Farrance. 3 Replies.
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Author Messages
Chad NashUser is Offline

08-18-2008 03:10 PM

    Hi guys....


    We are releasing the 1.2 release of the Stock Quote Module for DotNetNuke® this week.  The upcoming release has several new enhancements, including the ability to now display an UP or DOWN image for prices (you can change these images if you would like) and also the ability to use a stylesheet class for positive and negative percentages. With this you can display a negative percentage for example, in red, while a positive percentage can be reflected in blue.


    Here is a list of new tokens that are also going to be available in the 1.2 release:



    • $(Bid)
    • $(Ask)
    • $(Mid)
    • $(StockExchange)
    • $(AvergeDailyVolumn)
    • $(AskSize)
    • $(AskRealTime)
    • $(BidRealTime)
    • $(ChangeAndPercentChange)
    • $(Commission)
    • $(ChangeRealTime)
    • $(ChangeAfterHoursRealTime)
    • $(Dividend)
    • $(TradeDate)
    • $(EarningsShare)
    • $(ErrorIndication)
    • $(EstimateCurrentYear)
    • $(EstimateNextYear)
    • $(EstimateNextQuarter)
    • $(AnnualizedGain)
    • $(HoldingsGain)
    • $(HoldingsGainPercentRT)
    • $(HoldingsGainRT)
    • $(HoldingsGainPercent)
    • $(52WeekLow)
    • $(52WeekHigh)
    • $(MoreInfo)
    • $(OrderBookRealTime)
    • $(MarketCapRealTime)
    • $(ChangeFrom52WeekLow)
    • $(PercentChangeFrom52WeekLow)
    • $(LastTradeRealTime)
    • $(ChangePercentRealTime)
    • $(LastTradeSize)
    • $(ChangeFrom52WeekHigh)
    • $(PercentChangeFrom52WeekHigh)
    • $(LastTradeWTime)
    • $(BookValue)
    • $(BidSize)
    • $(EBITDA)
    • $(HighLimit)
    • $(LowLimit)
    • $(DaysRange)
    • $(DaysRangeRealTime)
    • $(50DayMovingAverage)
    • $(200DayMovingAverage)
    • $(ChangeFrom200DayMovingAverage)
    • $(PercentChangeFrom200DayMovingAverage)
    • $(ChangeFrom50DayMovingAverage)
    • $(PercentChangeFrom50DayMovingAverage)
    • $(PricePaid)
    • $(Price/Sales)
    • $(Price/Book)
    • $(DividendPayDate)
    • $(PERadioRealTime)
    • $(PEGRatio)
    • $(Price/EPSCurrentYearEstimate)
    • $(Price/EPSNextYearEstimate)
    • $(SharesOwned)
    • $(ShortRatio)
    • $(TradeLinks)
    • $(TickerTr)
    • $(OneYearTargetPrice)
    • $(HoldingsValue)
    • $(HoldingsValueRealTime)
    • $(DaysValueChange)
    • $(DaysValueChangeRealTime)
    • $(DividendYield)

    These enhancements are currently only available for the DNN Module (not currently added to the Stock Quote Web Part for SharePoint / WSS 3.0 however they will follow shortly)


    For any customers who have purchased 1.0, this release will be 70% off of the purchase price based on your previous purchase.








    Chris HopkinsUser is Offline

    04-11-2009 03:47 PM
    Hi Chad,

    I see you have tokens for $(SharesOwned), $(PricePaid), and $(HoldingsValue), but I'm wondering where you would imput this data, since I didn't see any fields for this in either the Add New Symbol page or in the module settings.

    It would be great if one could use this to allow users to track a I missing something, or are these just tokens built in for use in a later version?
    Chad NashUser is Offline

    04-17-2009 09:26 AM

    Hi. I know I shared an email with you on this as well but I wanted to follow up on the threads. Right now all of the tokens avaliable can be used in the template, there are currently not any ways to combine these and created calculations based on them though without modifying the source code.

    Jeremy FarranceUser is Offline
    going with the flow
    going with the flow

    04-25-2013 03:25 PM
    Sorry, moved this question to a more appropriate place.
    You are not authorized to post a reply.


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