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Dynamic Forms Demonstration - DNN Text Suggest within Dynamic Forms

This DNN Text Suggest grabs the username from the users table. The actual Lookup SQL is: 

select userid as ID, username as Name from users order by username

So if you were to type in characters "dav", it should populate a drop down combobox with every username beginning with letters "dav".


This DNN Text Suggest grabs the rolename from the roles table. The actual Lookup SQL is: 

select roleid as ID, rolename as Name from roles order by rolename

So if you were to type in characters "premium", it should populate a drop down combobox with every rolename beginning with letters "premium".



Dynamic Form Demonstration 29 - DNN Text Suggest Field Types



Example 1 - Obtaining Username from the "Users" SQL table

DNN Text Suggest Field Type uses an SQL Lookup query from an SQL table to obtain possible values to closely match what you type in.  It should select two columns (ID, Name) where "ID" is generally the primary key column / unique-identifier column and the "Name" is the actual values that would populate the dropdown list that closely matches what you are typing in.


In the first example, we are obtaining the "Username" column from the "Users" table to give us hints.  Let's say I want to locate all users with a username like "dav", short for "david...".  Then the DNN Suggest Field entry would resemble the following image:


Minimum Character Lookup: Minimum number of characters you must type in before the SQL Lookup can take effect and return a list of matches.

Lookup Delay: number of milliseconds to wait before calling the SQL Lookup after you have finished typing the minimum number of characters

Maximum Suggested Rows: The number of rows (matches) you want returned.


So for example, if you look at Data Springs and performed the following query under Host / SQL:

So if you only want 10 matching entries returned, simply enter a value of 10 for the "Maximum Suggested Rows".


Example 2 - Obtaining Rolename from the "Roles" SQL table



NOTE: Under Module Configuration / StyleSheet, you can choose "Custom Data Springs Style Sheet" and edit the following properties for the "AUTOSUGGEST BOX":


/******** FOR THE AUTOSUGGEST BOX *******/
.NodeDefault {font-size:12px;cursor:hand;text-decoration:none;color:#555;}
.NodeIconDefault {cursor:hand;}
.ChildNodeDefault, .SpecialNode {font-size:12px;cursor:hand;text-decoration:none;color:#555;
.DisabledNode {color:Gray;}
.SelClass {background-color:#fc2f00;color:White;}
.HoverClass {background-color:#fc2f00;color:#fff;}
.MenuBarClass {border-right:1px outset;border-top:1px outset;border-left:1px outset;width:140px;border-bottom: 1px outset;background-color:#ededed;}
.MenuClass {background-color: silver;border: outset 1px;}
.SpecialNode {color: Yellow;}



tip6.gifWould you like to setup your form just as this demonstration is setup?

 If so simply download this template and copy it to your DNN Portals Home Directory to use the IPORTABLE feature of the module (Select Import Content from the module menu and import the template). This download also includes SQL scripts utilized and the IPORTABLE XML file for the DNN Reports module.


Download Demonstration Files. These files include IPORTABLE (Import Content / Export Content) scripts for Dynamic Forms, DNN Reports Module, and all SQL Scripts used with this demonstration.


Visit other Dynamic Forms Demonstrations to see how this module can enhance the look and functionality of your site!



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