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RESX Translation

RESX Translate is an easy to use service for providing translation services within Visual Studio and  ASP.NET resources files (.RESX Extension). Often applications built within ASP.NET (such as DotNetNuke Modules) including web projects and solutions, involve localization resource files, identified within Visual Studio as .RESX resource files store localized versions of text that can be used within the application. These localization resource files are used heavily within many ASP.NET applications however there is not always an easy way to check for grammar and spelling mistakes within the application.

Why use RESX Translation?

  • RESX Translation is currently a free service - Please Donate!
  • Don't spend countless hours building a powerful web application, only to limit the functionality of your application to one specific language. Utilizing localization can open up the same application to virtually any language.

How to use RESX Translation?

  1. Submit your contact details including your email address where your spell check report will be sent.
  2. Upload a compressed ZIP File containing any .RESX files. Note: Your zip file can files other then RESX localization files, however the spell check tool will only check for the RESX localization files.

* You can upload any ZIP file containing localization files for ASP.NET. This includes .RESX files, full ASP.NET, DotNetNuke, and SharePoint components, and virtually any zip files where localized RESX files are utilized.


This service is free. Please donate to keep this a free service!


Upload RESX Localization Files for Translation (Including ASP.NET Projects, DotNetNuke Modules)

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