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Review the new and improved user guides including instructions on setting up your Quick Polls module, examples, product information, and more!

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About Quick Poll...

Give your users a voice, while also providing an important way for you to gather opinions from your users and measure visitors' responses to questions on your site! Polls are significant because they can provide a way for your web site visitors to share ideas and vote on topics of your choosing.

 The Quick Poll module allows administrators to create polls or surveys for their web site. Polls consist of a question, and then any number of responses to that question. Users of the system can easily vote and view results of the poll. Poll results are displayed in a graphical bar/chart, and include many optional settings. 


Module Features  

  • Create as many polls as you would like, set them up in different areas throughout your site
  • Customizable and Easy-to-Use Polls to gather feedback from web site visitors
  • Add and maintain as many poll responses as you would like for each poll. Easily sort the responses in the order that you would like them presented in
  • Allow users to vote just once, or as many times as they would like (if only once, the system bases the vote on their IP address and doesn't allow them to vote twice)
  • Easily track poll results in Real-time and quickly learn what visitors are thinking
  • Settings to change default text and information within the system - Change the text of the 'Vote' button, 'Thank you for voting' text, etc...
  • Allow users to be able to view / hide poll results
  • Optionally allow users to just see percentages, or also total number of votes for the poll (and number of votes for each response)
  • Administration reports for poll results -get instant results to your polls and view past poll responses

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