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About Real Estate 2.2 DotNetNuke Module




Real Estate V2.3 is a feature rich and user friendly module to allow your portal users the ability to create real estate listings on your site.     DotNetNuke_RealEstateModule.jpg


Whats new in v2.3?

  • Advanced search enhancements
    • Added Admin Setting for Making Bedrooms, Bathrooms Drop Downs Visible (instead of textbox) for advanced search
    • Added Minimum Price and Maximum Price to Advanced Search
    • Modified Search Page to Search for Year Built or Newer
    • Optionally turn off fields for property type, location, zip code, and state/region from advanced search
  • Listing grid enhancements
    • Enhancements for showing / hiding specific columns within listing grid for Street/City, City/State, and all columns can now be hidden or displayed
    • Media Images / Links now link to listing
    • Currency Symbol to Search and Listing Resource File (Now support any currency!)
    • Added Custom String Format for Price in Admin Settings ({0:c}, etc.)
  • Featured Listing Module
    • Now choose which main real estate module to inherent settings from
    • Grid / functionality and display for listing grid and details will be based on settings from main real estate module

Whats new in v2.2?

  • Now show/hide which fields display on search listing grid
  • Additional ability to rename fields throughout the module including add listing, edit listing, search grids, and other pages throughout the portal. Renaming fields allows you to utilize the module on many implementations outside of Real Estate implementations. Maybe rentals, even use the module as a classified ads module, etc...
  • New Featured Listing feature to feature listings. Featured listings will display on their own featured listing module seperate from the standard module
  • Setup Wizard - A new setup wizard is setup to aid in walking you through the initial setup. With the new wizard you will be up and running in a matter of minutes. 
  • New feature to show / hide links displayed on the main search page by security role (links to view listings, add listings, view messages, etc...)
  • New feature to automatically set the default expiry dates, also additional feature to optionally allow the user to change the expire date themselves
  • Now search for 'All Property Types' both on advanced search and the default search
  • Custom email templates - Now all emails distributed within the module can be modified within an administration area of the module
  • Additional / Updated localization - Each and every page of the module was fully tested to support all areas of localization. This includes every field label, every dropdownlist, every grid, etc...

Whats new in v2.0?

  • Now the listing page is completely template based. Although you can start with the default template you can also modify the entire design in a Rich Text Editor (WYSIWYG). Easily move, remove, or change the look of your Real Estate module quickly! 
  • Option to now 'Auto Approve' listings
  • Option to change each property within the 'Add Listing' page. Now you can easily change 'Zip Code' to 'Postal Code' from an easy user-interface or change 'Address' to 'Property Address'.
  • New option to 'Default search' upon initially loading the module. This way you can default the module to display with listings already within the grid.
  • New feature to default search to either advanced or simple search
  • New feature to display a message to the user after initially submitting a new listing or after updating a listing (i.e. Thanks for your submission, we will review it and get back with you or Thanks for your submission, or system is setup to automatically approve your listing so it has already been posted.)


  • Allow registered users to submit detailed listings including description, property type such as condo/house, and up to eight pictures which can be displayed within a gallery or slideshow view
  • Anonymous users can search listings, contact the seller/ask seller question, or schedule a time to view the property with the email
  • Emails distributed through the system can be monitored by the Site Administrator, additionally listings are approved by the Site Administrator before they are active on the web site
  • Registered users can add multiple listings if needed, and manage their listings descriptions and details easily at any time
  • “View My Messages” section within the module for registered users to review messages users have submitted to them
  • Users can choose from multiple options for displaying their contact information (i.e. display full contact information, private message but hide contact information,  and do not show my contact information)

 Other administration features:

  • Define thumbnail size for listing page
  • Module to approve/deny listings that are submitted by the user
  • Define how many search results are displayed per page
  • Administrator can setup two optional links that are included within display template to other areas of the site
  • When a new listing is submitted, and email is sent to the administrator to approve the listing. Once the listing is approved it will be viewable to everyone and include an expiration date

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