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About Tailored Text / HTML DotNetNuke Module

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Also part of the Collection 6.0

Personalization allows you to go the extra mile in communicating or connecting one to one with your clients. When it comes to technology and web site content, you now have the power to leverage this personalization directly with your users on your DotNetNuke® site.  

Tailored Text allows you to add text/html to your web site that can be different for anonymous users, registered users,  and even individual users specifically. Ever needed to include a a clients user or contact information within a text or html module? What about the date their subscription expires; or maybe just address them directly by name throughout your web site?  Tailored Text offers over twenty default parameters or tokens  that can be included within the text or HTML of your module.Text can also be setup for unique content per language within your DotNetNuke® portal soyou can fully localize all text within your site!


Need custom parameters included within your text? No problem! There are several easy methods of creating custom parameters for your module. These can include querystring, session, or based on a database SQL query.


What's new in v3.0?
  • New DotNetNuke 6.x Interface - Including updated pop up interfaces, DNN 6 stylesheet classes, and updated GUI.
  • New features for extended tokens with references for the current portal alias, URL, and if the portal is a child or parent - use these in SQL queries to render back specific content per portal alias / web site url!
  • New SEO Enhancements! Now all of your tokens for querystring, session, and SQL can create customized SEO pages. Include all tokens within...
    • Page Title
    • Page Keywords
    • Page Description

What's new in v2.3?
What's new in v2.2?
  • SQL Binding now supports multiple rows of data. Previously Tailored Text SQL binding was limited to a single row of data within the item template. Enhancements have been added to now support the same item template with each individual row of data returned from a query.
  • Additional tokens to support portal alias’s  (now you can setup unique content per portal based on the alias of the site!). This could allow you to display unique content for a with other content for!
What's new in v2.1?
  • Now supports SQL DB binding - Now you can setup Tailored Text to conditionally render data driven content throughout the text from a single database query!
  • New debug mode for easier administration
  • New administration interface with AJAX and fewer postbacks
What's new in v2.0?
  • Update user interface for easier management of anonymous and registered users templates
  • Now supports content localization! Setup your text to be different based on the users language or the language selected on the site: View Demo of This Feature
Module Features
  • Add rich user-specific text/html content to your DotNetNuke portal.
  • Enter text for anonymous users, and registered users, add tokens/parameters throughout your text that will then be replaced when the user is signed in.
  • Creating custom parameters/tokens based on querystring variables passed to the page, session variables, or even dynamic SQL parameters.
  • IPORTABLE Support - Import/Export custom tailored text between modules
  • Example default parameters include...
    • First Name - SuperUser
    • Last Name - Account
    • Full Name-SuperUser Account
    • Display Name - SuperUser Account
    • Email Address -host
    • UserName - host
    • Portal Name - Data Springs Inc. - DotNetnuke Modules
  • Example custom parameters include...
    • Querystring parameters - Pass querystring values to the page and the parameter within the text/html will be replaced with the querystring value
    • Session parameters - Allow any session variable to be easily displayed to the user
    • SQL parameters - With SQL parameters your options are virtually endless; Easily pull from any database table information. Example: Select BirthDate from yourcustomtable where UserID = 1. This feature can also be utilized with Dynamic Registration.
  • Ability to set the default value if no data is present

DotNetNuke 6 Updates / User Interface / Stylesheet

Custom SEO Pages w/ Tokens for Title, Keywords, Description

Customize per language and utilize custom tokens for querystring, session, and SQL!

Enable SQL Binding for a single or multiple rows. Utilize all other tokens within your SQL query for the DNN or external connection!



Did you know?

Did you know that Tailored Text / HTML can be utilized directly with Dynamic Registration to display user information?


Did you know that you can use Tailored Text / HTML as a drill-down details page for Dynamic User Directory?





Tailored Text/HTML can be used to support content localization so that you can offer users different content based on their language. For a demonstration of this feature click here:


Tailored Text/HTML can be used to drill down to user details for Dynamic Registration and Dynamic User Directory. Click on any of the 'Details' links to the users within our demonstration user directory here:



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