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 There are three main reasons why you should purchase 'Forum Flow' today.

  • Private Label development costs are a fraction of creating you own original app
  • The time needed to promote and launch is minimal in comparison to if you were starting from scratch
  • Significantly increased traffic to your forum, which can result in increased sales, and better customer support.

With so much buzz around the latest apps these days, many companies fail to take in consideration the true time and expenditures necessary to create a custom app.

Because forums can be one of the largest traffic generators to your site, and because there are now millions of ipad users, you stand to benefit greatly from having Data Springs create a private-label version of the very same app we have integrated with our own forum.

Here are some of the more technical benefits, which reveal just how powerful of a communications asset it is.

  • Instantly integrates with your DotNetNuke Authentication for logging the user in
  • Allow the user to stay signed in when they open the app – Never need to go and sign in each time!
  • All live content – There is no "Syncing" with the data source - this is the data source.
  • Integrates with our Dynamic Registration module to allow the user to directly register via the App – They never have to go to your DotNetNuke site to even register! The user wouldn't even need to know you had a DotNetNuke website.
  • Utilizes very fast/efficient JSON data processing for maximum performance 
  • Full forum search and also "Quick Search" right within the application
  • Features for "My Topics", "Unread Topics", "Unanswered Topics"
  • Allow users to Add Topics, Reply to Topics
  • "Fully Native Code" - This means that this is fully coded in XCODE, very important because this is not just a "Wrapper" around an iframe or anything. 
  • Easily "swipe up" to refresh the forums 
  • Easily Swipe left to right to flip between forum threads
  • Easily push on a thread to "Share on Facebook or Twitter".  By sharing it can include the full hyperlink to the web URL version.
  • Replies can include attachments from their IPAD for photos, documents, etc…
The price breakdown of the options are to the right.


Only $999

~ The Forum Flow App
   with your personalized
~ Setup in the App Store
~ Personalized Splash
   loading page.


Only $2999

~ The Forum Flow App
   with your personalized
~ Setup in the App Store
~ Personalized Splash
   loading page.
~ Google Analytics Integration
   Photo with Annie the pig.

The best way to get familiar with just how easy to use the 'Forum Flow' App, is to download the Data Springs Community Forum App today from the iPAD store. Here is the shortcut link - http://www.datasprings.com/forumapp

There is no charge and all you have to do when you visit the store is do a search for "Data Springs", and you'll find it.

The Data Springs App allows you to instant access to each and everyone one of the thousands of posts that you'll find on our website version.

You'll be able to log in using the same user name and password that you use when accessing our website, and if you're not a registered user yet, you'll be able to register through the app as well.

You can create topics, reply to threads, and search by subject and/or topic as well as select the time-frame from when the topic was posted.

If you have an iPAD, make sure you download the app today, and please share your feedback about 'Forum Flow' with us, along with any testimonials!



Data Springs
Community Forum
App is FREE!

Download today!


Do you know of a company that is using DNN's 'Active Forums'?

'Active Forums' is an award winning, dependable, and fully supported forum module for DotNetNuke.

As DNN Corporate points out,

"There are plenty of forum options for DotNetNuke, but nothing comes close to the features, scalability and total community solution that Active Forums can provide. Active Forums is more than just another forum module, it is a mature, stable and very popular community collaboration solution. Don't give your users the same boring forum experience. Use Active Forums and give them more!"

A few highlights from their listing in the DNN store include:

  • The latest version offers many exciting new features.
  • Many license options are available, with the most basic one being FREE!
  • 'Active Forums' is perfect for social networks, groups, clubs, intranets, community sites, special interest groups, both large and small business and everything inbetween. Active Forums can be used for discussions, a knowledge base, help desk, articles, blogs and so much more. With our flexible template and customization options, you can build multiple collaboration tools to meet your specific needs.
  • One of the best parts of becoming an Active Modules customer is access to the vibrant and active community who use Active Modules products daily. With thousands of members and tens of thousands of posts, becoming a customer gives you access to hundred of ideas, suggestions and even community code samples and templates.

Click here to learn more about 'Active Forums' today if you're not already using it, and you'll see why pairing it with the new 'Forum Flow' App, will be one of the best things you can do for both your website and for iPAD users!

If you know of a company already using 'Active Forums', you can let them quickly learn about how they can benefit by having the new 'Forum Flow' app private-labeled for their company, by simply sending the link to this page. They'll be glad you did! 

 Apple recently announced it had sold 15.4 million iPADs in the past Quarter (1Q-2012). This is on top of the 40+ million it sold for the four quarters before that. What is remarkable is that is that is a 111% increase over a year ago.

Another amazing statistic is that over 1/3 of people planning to purchase an iPAD, reveal that this will be their FIRST apple purchase.

What does this mean for your business?

It means any company using DNN's 'Active Forums' on their website, can instantly improve their communication flow between them and thousands of iPAD users, who would love to be able to use their iPAD to access  their forum.

View the screenshots below, and check out on the other tabs how the new app will revolutionize your productivity, when using to it access not only the Data Springs Forum, but also how it benefits any company who chooses to have it private-labeled for them.

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