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About DotNetNuke Presentation Archive Module

With so much content on your web site, its important to give users an easy method for finding and retrieving content. Presentation Archive allows you to categorize, organize and present content within your DotNetNuke site for presentations, educational material, videos, and almost any document or collection of files.   DotNetNuke_ArchiveModule3.jpg


Presentation Archive provides you with an easy method of archiving, organizing, and displaying a collection of articles, files, downloads, and links. Would you like to upload, categorize, and present your companies educational materials to end users? What about presentations on your products? Maybe you would like to build a web site for your church and categorize sermons to keep an ongoing archive of files for that sermon?  Resources for each presentation can include Documents, Hyperlinks (web sites), Audio, Video, and almost any document you can think of.


What's New in V2.0?


  •  New sorting feature enabled for archive categories, presentations, and presentation resources (files).>
  •  Layout features for the ability to hide specific sections of the user-facing layout including hiding the date fields and hiding the presenter/speaker.>
  •  Optionally allow users to add comments to presentations and allow those comments to be managed/deleted within the administration interface. Optionally enable comments to only be available to registered users.>




  • Setup as many (or as few) categories  for your module.  You can setup category descriptions, icons/images for the category, and setup parent/child relationships between categories

  • Categories will appear within a tree view, users can navigate within each category to search and sort through content
  • Add as many "presentations" as you would like within each category. You can change the text from presentations to anything you would like; maybe sermons, user guides, sales materials, virtually anything to tailor this module to your needs.
  • Each presentation can have its own title, description, date/time, speaker or byline, icon, etc...
  • Each presentation can include their own resources. Resources can include documents, video, audio, web site, links etc...
  • Optionally enable/disable  module search for the presentations
  • Optionally set the 'presentation' and 'speaker' labels throughout the module to customize the module for many different purposes.


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Presentation Archive


Word files
This is the category containing word files
Presentation Text
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Marketing Plan
This is a Marketing Plan presentation.
Speaker Text Mr. John Smith
Date 3/27/2007 12:00:00 AM
Marketing Plan 2007.
Additional Research
Request for Proposal

Feasibility Study
This is a product feasibility study.
Speaker Text Mrs. Mary Roberts
Date 3/11/2007 12:00:00 AM
Feasibility Study

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