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Data Springs License Comparison Chart

Data Springs Product License Summary


Standard Edition -- license for 1 DNN installation.  You may have multiple instances of the module(s) across multiple portals within one DNN installation.


Enterprise Edition -- license for as many DNN installations that you directly own and operate.  Does not include the license to re-distribute to clients.


Developer Edition  -- licensed for 1 Developer to install at his/her client sites.  This is intended for implementation at the client's site only and not for repackaging or retail distribution.  Developer will handle first level support to clients and will contact Data Springs for additional support.


Re-seller Edition  --  (coming soon!) intended for retail distributors such hosting companies or other retail software vendors.  Re-seller is required to post individual sales records through the Data Springs Product API.  Re-seller's customers will have access to direct support from Data Springs with verified purchase records.   Please contact Data Springs to acquire a Re-seller license.




 * See Product Support Agreement

 ** See Refund Policy

Licensing FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions about Licensing


Q.  Can I use the module(s) on several pages on my site?

Yes, you can have multiple instances of the modules across your site.


Q.  What if I have several portals on the same DNN installation?

If you only have one DNN installation, your Standard Edition will work for you across multiple portals.


Q.  What license will I need if I have several sites?

The Enterprise edition is a license for as many DNN installations that you (or your business entity) directly own and operate.  This, however, does not include a license to redistribute to clients.  You may purchase licenses on behalf of your clients so they will have individual licenses.  However, if you wish to purchase 1 license that will allow you to install at unlimited # of clients' sites, you will need the Developer  License.


Q.  What kinds of customers will need the Developer License?

The key factor for the Developer license is re-distribution.  Here are some examples where the Developer license will be required:

  • A web developer who will install the module(s) in multiple client sites.
  • A franchise company who operates applications using our modules across the board for multiple franchisees.
  • A business entity with independent contractors where the business entity provides website templates using our modules for various sites to operate the independent contractor’s business.


Q.  What do you mean by ‘Direct Access to Data Springs Support?’

For customers who have the Standard or Enterprise license, this means that the customer can contact Data Springs directly via the Contact Us (Support) Form or a Snowcovered HelpDesk ticket for questions and for problem resolution.   The same is true if you have the Developer License.  However, If you obtained your modules through a developer using a Developer License, please course all questions through this developer.   The developer can contact Data Springs for issues that need further assistance.  Please see our Data Springs Support Agreement for more details.


Q.  Please explain your policy regarding access to patches.

All Standard, Enterprise, or Developer licensees can access patches at your DNN Store account under Patches and Hotfixes and/or MyDownloads.   However, if you obtained your module through a developer,  please contact your developer directly for access to patches.


Q.    What about the upgrade path and discounts?”

As a Standard, Enterprise, or Developer licensee, there may be automatic discounts available to you when you upgrade.  Please see our Upgrade Policy for details.  If you obtained your modules through your developer, please contact your developer for product updates and pricing.



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