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Optin Text</br>Put The Industry’s Leading<br/>Mobile Marketing Software<br/>At Your Finger Tips

Optin Text
Put The Industry’s Leading
Mobile Marketing Software
At Your Finger Tips

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How It Works

You simply choose a KEYWORD that identifies your company or campaign. Your customers, and prospects then send a text message with your keyword to our short code (55678). When Optin Text receives an incoming text message to your keyword, the sender's mobile number is stored in your database for future mobile marketing campaigns, and they receive the response that you have chosen.

Optin Text Q&A

Q. 1. How do customers Opt-in to my mobile campaign?

A. When you sign up for an Optin Text account, you are automatically given one mobile campaign of your choice. Additional keywords can be purchased and you can have an unlimited number of unique mobile campaigns. All your customer has to do is text your Opt-in Keyword to the shortcode 59925 and they can Opt-in to your mobile campaign. For example, if your key word is WIN, your customer texts the word WIN to 59925.

Your customer can just as easily opt-out of your mobile campaign by sending the word STOP to 59925.

Mobile Questions and Answers
Q. 2. What is a Double Opt-in?

Any mobile campaign that is ongoing (Subscription) or Premium-rate requires a Double Opt-in procedure. This procedure starts with the user sending a text message with your Keyword to 59925. The user will then receive a message asking that they confirm their request to join your mobile campaign. By replying with YES, Y, OK, or SURE, the user confirms their opt-in request and is “Double Opted-in” to your mobile campaign. The user then receives a confirmation message stating the terms of the mobile campaign along with your contact information. Now, you are ready to start sending your user timely mobile alerts.
Mobile Questions and Answers
Q. 3. How can I promote my mobile campaign to my customers?

A. The best way to build your Opt-in database is to promote your mobile campaign through your existing promotional channels such as print, radio, television, internet, in-venue, packaged goods, and more. Utilizing your existing marketing efforts is the best way to encourage customers to join your mobile campaign. Your campaign message to consumers should be simple and can be added to the promotional material you are currently using:

"Join Hollywood VIP Mobile Club to find out about hot upcoming events. Send the Word ‘VIP’ to 59925 Now!
*This is a free service, however standard text messaging charges by your wireless carrier may apply.
Additionally, you can create incentives such as free gifts, discounts, and special invites to encourage your customers to join your mobile campaign.

Mobile Questions and Answers
Q. 4. What types of mobile campaigns can I create with your service?

Optin Text supports all types of mobile campaigns. Select a one-time message or subscription campaign and choose either Standard rate or Premium rate. Most of our messages are text-based (SMS) messages no longer than 160-characters. Each message can have up to 6 Interactive Replies that can be created to increase interaction and personalization for your mobile campaign.

Optin Text also supports content mobile campaigns such as ringtones, wallpapers, mobile video, and WAP URLs.

Mobile Questions and Answers
Q. 5. What are the special rules regarding Text-to-Win Premium Sweepstakes?

A. ALL Premium sweepstakes campaigns must have a FREE method for entering the sweepstakes online. Optin Text ensures that all Premium text-to-win or text-to-vote campaigns also have a FREE method of entry via our branded website It is recommended that our clients create their own FREE entry methods via their branded websites to ensure compliance with Premium messaging guidelines.

Mobile Questions and Answers

Q. 6. What cellular carriers do you support?

A. Optin Text currently has connections with ALL US Tier 1 carriers (Cingular, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, Nextel, Virgin Mobile, US Cellular, Alltel). Our service is also compatible with most US Tier 2 carriers as well.

Mobile Questions and Answers

Q. 7. Do I still need to find a Mobile Marketer or Aggregator?

A. The answer is NO! Optin Text provides you with all the tools needed to create unique mobile campaigns in minutes. Aggregators specialize in direct connections to the US carriers and have very limited messaging platforms. Mobile Marketers charge a hefty premium for preparing mobile campaigns that can be created in 5 minutes with Optin Text. Bypass the mobile marketer and the aggregator and take advantage of a messaging software that is easy to use and very advanced.

Mobile Questions and Answers

Q. 8. How do I get my contacts into the Optin Text software?

A. Optin Text has designed a simple online process for uploading existing contacts. Use our sample .CSV file to properly format your existing contacts. Our uploader will sort out invalid records and duplicates while updating records that have already been added.

Mobile Questions and Answers

Q. 9. What if I have existing mobile phone numbers with no carrier info?

A. Optin Text can lookup your existing mobile contacts and retrieve the carrier information for these contacts. All you have to do is upload your contacts database via .CSV File and let Optin Text do the rest.

Mobile Questions and Answers

Q. 10. How do I access my Optin Text account and what software/hardware do I need?

A. Optin Text is web-based. When you setup an account, all you need to access the Optin Text service is a computer that is connected to the internet and any web browser. There is no special software or hardware to install or purchase.
Mobile Questions and Answers

Q. 11. How long does it take before subscribers receive messages I send out?

A. Messages are sent instantly within 1-2 minutes of you sending a message.

Mobile Questions and Answers

Q. 12. What is the limit of messages I can send with your service?

A. There is no limit of how many messages you can send using our service. However, best practices indicate that you should not be sending more than one message per day to your subscriber base. More frequent message sending can result in a very high opt-out rate from your list.

Mobile Questions and Answers

Q. 13. How Much Does Your Service Cost?

. Optin Text is affordable and can be setup immediately. With Optin Text there are NO setup fees or licensing costs. We charge a low per message rate for outgoing and incoming messages. Users purchase message credits and one keyword is provided free of charge. More keywords can be purchased for an additional monthly fee.

Mobile Questions and Answers

Q. 14. What are Interactive Replies?

A. The key to a successful mobile campaign is to engage your users in interactive and personalized messaging content. Optin Text’s patent-pending software allows mobile campaigns to have up to 6 Interactive Replies that stimulate user interactivity and personalization. Create up to 6 personalized messages that users can interact back and forth with.

Mobile Questions and Answers

Q. 15. When can I start using my mobile campaign?

A. The answer is NOW! Optin Text has gone through the painstaking task of provisioning every type of mobile campaign so you don’t have to. Simply log-in and create any type of multiple campaign such as text-to-win, text-to-vote, interactive alert, trivia, ringtone/wallpaper, and more. Agree to Optin Text’s Terms & Conditions and your campaign is activated right before your eyes.

Mobile Questions and Answers
Q. 16. Aren’t there strict rules and guidelines for mobile messaging campaigns?

A. YES, the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) has developed best practices guidelines for mobile messaging campaigns. However, with Optin Text you don’t have to worry. All Optin Text campaigns are pre-programmed to adhere to ALL Mobile Marketing Association guidelines for Best Practices.

Once you decide on the type of mobile campaign, Optin Text’s messaging software will guide you through the proper single or double Opt-in process. Every message sent to an Opt-in user will automatically contain the proper message footer (Txt STOP 2 Quit. Std rates apply).
Mobile Questions and Answers Q. 17. What is a shortcode?

A. All mobile campaigns operate on a common short code that is approved by mobile carriers. Short codes
can be unique or random 4-6 digit numbers and can be acquired through US Common Short Codes Associaton for $500-$1000/month.
Mobile Questions and Answers Q. 18. Do I need to obtain a common shortcode to start mobile messaging?

A. The answer is NO.
Optin Text provides a shared shortcode environment, in which each customer uses unique keywords on the same short code "59925". You still have the powerful two-way messaging capabilities using our Interactive Replies feature without the added cost of paying for a shortcode.


Please contact an Optin Text sales representative if you are interested in custom pricing.

Messaging Packages - For Users
Plan Type Messages Per Month Keywords Overage Rate Monthly Cost
Personal 1,000 msgs / mo. 1 $0.10 / msg $79
Business 2,500 msgs / mo. 3 $0.06 / msg $139
Enterprise 10,000 msgs / mo. 15 $0.03 / msg $329
Platinum 25,000 msgs / mo. 30 $0.02 / msg $500
* Setup fee of $99 will be applied to new accounts - Includes 1 hour training session
* ALL plans are month to month and require a 30 day notice for cancellation
* ALL Inbound Messages are FREE
* Carrier Lookup fees of $0.005 per lookup are assessed where applicable

Optin Text Clients can also take advantage of the following OPTIONAL solutions:

Pre-Buy Messaging Packages (Optional) Cost

25K messages @ $0.035 (expires after 3 months)

$ 875

50K messages @ $0.030 (expires after 3 months)

$ 1,500

100K messages @ $0.025 (expires after 3 months)

$ 2,500

Free to End User (FTEU) Messages (Optional) Cost

Inbound MOs

$ 0.08/msg

Outbound MTs

$ 0.08/msg
* Charged in addition to standard rate fees
* Only supported on T-Mobile and AT&T wireless handsets

A La Carte Services (Optional) Cost

Wallpaper, Audio & Video encoding

$50 per file

Customization of Text to Screen Display for your events

$350 one time fee
Custom Project Development Call for quote: 619-778-1545

Dedicated Short-Codes (Optional) Cost

One Time Fees

One Time Setup & Provisioning Fee - Paid to cell carriers
* If adding premium price points ($.99, $1.99, etc.)
$ 500 per price point
Monthly Fees Cost
CSCA Short-Code leasing fee (Paid to
$ 500 random | $ 1,000 vanity
Monthly Aggregator Maintenance Fee

The iDealership package is available on two levels:

iDealership Includes
$250 One Time Setup
$100 monthly maintenance
  • Mobile Website w/ inventory search
  • Automated inventory synchronization
  • Vehicle specific text campaign for each uinique stock ID
  • Automated CRM update / email lead notification
  • iMessenger: Mobile Marketing
  • iTRS: Service Drive & Appointment Reminders
  • Cell phone number validations (up to 50k #'s)
  • Customer database upload
  • Ongoing training and campaign implementation
  • Access to Otin Text Campaign Library
For more information on iDealership or to obtain pricing, please contact us at 619-778-1545
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