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About Dynamic Contacts

Dynamic Contacts is the fastest and easiest way you can help visitors of your website connect with your key personnel. 

The Dynamic Contacts module allows the portal administrator to setup detailed contact information that is then dynamically displayed to the user.  Several extended and optional features allow you to select the module colors and styles, show/hide categories filter, display/hide certain contact information per contact, optionally display a picture for a contact or a description, as well as many other features. Check out all of the features below.


What's new in 2.0?

  • New feature to import all Dynamic Contacts data directly from DotNetNuke® user profile properties. You can match each Dynamic Contacts property with a DNN® core user credential or profile property. Now you can quickly add contacts easily from this new import wizard
  • Quickly select colors used throughout the module
  • Optionally enable SSL support

Module Features

  • Setup module style, background color, tab colors, and more...
  • Use to display a listing of contacts, or a directory for almost any purpose! 
  • Select a picture or description to be displayed for each contact, other optional contact information such as address, phone, etc... If a contact doesn't have an address it just doesn't display the address,  its really that easy!
  • Display contact name as  ‘First Name Last Name’, or ‘Last Name,  First Name'
  • Select to default to all contacts, or being with the A-C listings
  • Hide/show the 'Mini-Tabs' to filter your contacts list alphabetically
  • Hide/Show the 'All Contacts' tab allowing the user to view all contacts
  • Add as many contacts as you would like,  and also add as many Dynamic Contact modules to your site as you would like
  • Setup and installation is easy! 




Flash Contacts - Example 3


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