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Data Springs Support Center

Please review our Product Support Agreement before contacting support

Data Springs strives to deliver excellent support for our customers. There are multiple ways of accessing support that are outlined below.

Option 1

Option 1

The Data Springs Product Forums is an excellent resource where you can find solutions to questions previously encountered by other users.  Each product has its own category to help you narrow your search.  It also offers forums for enhancement requests, user guides and general information.

Please note that the Product Forums are for general information and community support.  If you need urgent assistance, please contact us directly using the Contact Us form or open a support ticket on  (Please see Options 2 and 3.) You can visit our Product Forums here.

Option 2

Option 2

From the DNN Store,  each of  our product pages have an area towards the bottom where you can ask a question or open a helpdesk ticket by clicking on "Get Help" or "Send a message to the seller" within the Feedback section.

Option 3:

Option 3:

A Contact Us form on our site is also available for you to send us your questions.  A Data Springs Client Services Representative typically reviews and responds to your request within 24 hours.
Option 4:

Option 4:

Premium Services (Implementation / Training / Development)

  • Assistance in walk-throughs, assistance in specific setup and implementation of modules / web parts, direct training on features
  • Implementation of specific product coding add-ons – Examples might include specific SQL queries for Dynamic SQL Events within Dynamic Forms / Dynamic Registration, or specific JavaScript functions / implementation for features such as Client Side Events within our products. Other examples might include instances where our modules ‘can’ handle specific requirements but require additional staff resources or assistance in implementing them that goes beyond bugs or standard support agreement
  • Modifications / Changes to source code – this includes any assistance if you purchased the source code and need to modify it, or if you need to have us modify the source code to meet a specific requirement
  • Direct implementation of modules – These include module installations, configurations, and setup based on requirements document of necessary features
  • Assistance / direction with our products on a customized version of DotNetNuke® or Microsoft® SharePoint
  • Standard support beyond 90 days of purchase




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