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Review the new and improved user guides including instructions on setting up the Renewal Reminder Module, explanation of features,  product information, and more!

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About DNN Renewal Reminder Module...


Expired roles mean lost access for the user and lost revenue for you.  Remind your users to renew their membership with Renewal Reminder!

Keep users on active roles with Renewal Reminder! You can now automatically send out email reminders for users whose security roles will soon expire. Generate repeat business with membership renewals and say goodbye to manually monitoring role expirations. Simple and easy! 


Renewal Reminder provides you the ability to send your user an email reminder that their roles are about to expire. 


Encourage your users to renew their membership or subscription, take action to keep their current level of security, or simply as a reminder to site administrators when a user's security role will be expiring.


What's New in V. 1.3?

  • Send multiple reminders for the same role. Schedule a reminder 20 days from expiration date, then 10, then 5 and so on , each reminder with its own email content.
  • Now have the ability to send the email reminder for the very same day the role expires (using 0 day entry reminder)


  • Setup as few or as many reminder notifications as you would like; each notification is based on both a security role and also the number of days before the users role will expire
  • Advanced email properties can be set for each notification including the email to, email cc, email bcc, email priority, and tokenized email message
  • Role Expiration (days) - Specify the number of days that the user has left within the security role before they should receive the notification
  • Verification Delay - You can specify the number of days that the system should not notify the user if they have been previously notified.
    • For example: if the notification is setup to notify the user that they are losing their security role within 14 days, and you specify a verification delay of 7 days then the user would be notified twice that their role was about to expire (assuming the renewal notification schedule process ran nightly).
    • If you specify the verification delay and role expiration delay both to 14 days then the user would only be notified once
  • All notifications are distributed via a scheduled process. You can control the schedule and view detailed logging for each notification message distributed 





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