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It's easy to test the module here, simply navigate to other pages within the site and see the 'Recently Viewed' module track your history.  Don't worry about getting lost, its easy to get Back on Track!

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About Back on Track Module

Giving your site visitors fast access to areas of interest is vital to your web site's ease of use and ultimately - sales potential.

Nearly everyone would agree how using the "History" function on browsers can be cumbersome and timely when attempting to re-locate specific pages. All too often this gives reason for buyers to move on to a competitors site once frustration sets in.

As your web site grows, due to the increasing volume of content and links, potential customers can often forget how to navigate back to pages that most interested them. If you leave it up to them to find their way back - there's a very good chance it may not happen. The easiest way to not lose a sale is to make it as easy as possible for buyers to stay on track with the pages they've viewed on your site - which is exactly what the "Back on Track" module will do for you.


Whats new in 2.1?

  • Trackings results can now optionally include just the page name/location or based on unique URL's such as forum threads, shopping cart items, blogs, or any other page.
  • Now optionally capture the full page title instead of just the tab name. Often the title of a page will change dynamically such as for forum threads.
  • New performance and maintenance tasks for scheduld clean up of tracking results
  • Optionally only display the first 'x' number of characters from the page title. The page title will be followed by the text '...' if the page title exceeds the specified length.


Whats new in 2.0?

  • Now choose between display within a list format or dropdownlist, if you choose dropdownlist choose to have the user redirected to page after submit button, link button, image button, or automatically
  • New performance and caching functionality added


Module Features

The Back on Track module maintains a list of pages the user has already visited within the portal and adds them to a list of links the user can navigate to. Administrators can setup several custom settings to enhance the module and layout. The module tracks which sites they visit both by their IP Address and also by their UserID and then presents them with a list of the most Back on Track they have navigated to.

  • Easily set which pages should be tracked
  • Add the 'Back on Track Viewer' module to as few or as many pages on your site as you like. When the user navigates to a page with the module they will see all of the Back on Track they have visited.
  • Configure the layout of the module including alignment, prefix, adding a date to the end of each listing etc…
  • Optionally add header text above the Back on Track
  • Track users by both IP Address and their UserID
  • Hide/Show the current page the user is on within the module
  • Easily 'Purge' Back on Track data within your database
  • Set a 'Default Page' if there are currently no Back on Track for the user

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