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Data Springs Advanced Captcha Field - Instructions

Dynamic Registration and Dynamic Forms allows for the ability to include Captcha within your form. When choosing the Captcha field type you have several properties you can choose from:


  • Standard DotNetNuke Captcha
  • Advanced  Captcha

The Advanced Data Springs Captcha control uses a 3rd party captcha control with specific setup instructions. If you choose the Advanced Captcha field type you need to setup your DotNetNuke Portal with these additional steps:


 1. Make a backup of your web.config file.


2. Within your DotNetNuke installation web.config file, you need to add this line to your  "httpHandlers" section of the web.config. The line should be place (or can be placed) directly above the line which refers to the core DotNetNuke Captcha field  <!-- This is for CAPTCHA support -->


 <add verb="*" path="LanapCaptcha.aspx" type="Lanap.BotDetect.CaptchaHandler, Lanap.BotDetect"/>

Note: For IIS7 installs, you need to add this config setting in the <handlers> section.

<add name="LanapCaptcha" verb="*" path="LanapCaptcha.aspx" type="Lanap.BotDetect.CaptchaHandler, Lanap.BotDetect"/>


After implementing this step your Advanced Captcha control should be configured and ready to work within Dynamic Registration or Dynamic Forms.


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