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Workflow w/ Dynamic Forms (create, delete, edit, update record in database)

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Dynamic Forms Demonstration # 21 -- Workflow w/ 3rd Party Integration...

This demonstration is an add-on demonstration to demo 14 which covers work flow within Dynamic Forms. The purpose of the demonstration is to showcase how you can use Dynamic Forms for easy form creation, work flow, completion events, and other useful features, while also integrating other 3rd party components for displaying the results data, sorting and searching that data, and so forth. When reviewing this demonstration you might also want to revert back to demo 14 for initially setting up the Dynamic Forms and the completion events.


We have outlined two tutorials on how to integrate the reporting pieces with OWS (Open Web Studio) and IndooGrid.

Setup Dynamic Forms w/ Flat Table

Here is a the demonstration which covers how to create Dynamic Forms to save data to a flat table and allow for workflow such as inserting, deleting, and updating data.


Integrate Dynamic Forms w/ Open Web Studio

Here is a tutorial on how to use Open Web Studio to generate the grid view shown above and linking to Dynamic Forms for editing / updating.


Integrate Dynamic Forms w/ IndooGrid

Here is a tutorial on how to use IndooGrid to generate the grid view shown above and linking to Dynamic Forms for editing / updating.



tip6.gifWould you like to setup your form just as this demonstration is setup?

 If so simply download this template and copy it to your DNN Portals Home Directory to use the IPORTABLE feature of the module (Select Import Content from the module menu and import the template). This download also includes SQL scripts utilized and the IPORTABLE XML file for the DNN Reports module.

Download Demonstration Files. These files include IPORTABLE (Import Content / Export Content) scripts for Dynamic Forms, DNN Reports Module, and all SQL Scripts used with this demonstration.


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