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Module Features


  • Quote Creator – Send customized quotes with attachments to customers via email. Quote creator could also be used for several other purposes like sending out order fulfillment information, sales estimates, or any other types of communication with your customers. 
  • View Quote - is used in conjunction with the Quote Creator module. The Email the user receives includes a link to your site to view the quote online (thru the View Quote module).
  • Manage Quotes – Allows administrators to manage quotes in the system
  • My Quotes – Users can easily navigate to this module where they will see current quotes that are available for their particular user.

 Several additional features:

  • Setup different categories for your type of quotes
  • Setup each quote creator module with different default email subjects, email message templates, and other settings.
  • Application can send anonymous quotes or quotes to current customers/users.
  • Set system in ‘test’ mode to test sending quotes out before actually sending them
  • Upload multiple/unlimited files with each quote
  • Easy instructions / help on each module
  • Easily change the ‘Quote’ label throughout the system to something else (i.e. Estimate, Your product name, order fulfillment name etc…)
  • Emails sent out include parameters which will be replaced with information (i.e. including $(CustomerName) in a quote will automatically be replaced with the customer you are sending the quote to.







About Quote Creator

Quote Creator can easily help you in creating quotes for your potential customers, current customers, or even offer you other means of communication with clients. With Quote Creator, you can send custom professional quotes and file attachments to your customers. 



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