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Dynamic Forms 2.6 - Its Almost Here!
Last Post 08-15-2008 09:37 AM by David Linda. 2 Replies.
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Author Messages
Chad NashUser is Offline

03-31-2008 04:19 PM

    Hi guys... The 2.6 release of Dynamic Forms is on its way..

    Its already in beta stages and on Among some smaller enhancements here are the major enhancements for the 2.6 release.


    • PayPal Payment Gateway - Yes, I know... Can you believe it? Its finally here and its working great! Dynamic Forms will now support PayPal including PayPal's Instant Payment Notification (IPN) for all completion events within Dynamic Forms. You can now setup your completion events as you would normally (for emails, adding the user to a security role, executing a SQL script etc...) only now you can link each of the completion events to a paypal status event within the IPN. 
    This means you can setup completion events for the following IPN status codes:
      • Purchases or Subscriptions within PayPal
      • Sucess Redirects / Cancel Redirects
      • Completed Purchases
      • Pending Purchases
      • Subscription Sign Up
      • Subscription Payment)
      • Subscription Payment Failed
      • Subscription Cancellation
      • Subscription End Of Terms
      • Payment Failed
      • Payment Denied
      • Refunded
    Remember, completion events also can be setup conditionally based on a users response and they can include adding/removing the user from a security role, firing off an email, executing a SQL statement, redirecting the user to a specific page, and also the new HTTP Post completion event that was added in version 2.5.
    We will be setting up several demonstrations to represent PayPal Purchases and Subscriptions. We suggest if you plan to use the PayPal gateway you go ahead and setup a PayPal Sandbox account to get started, the module can support both the SandBox Environment and the production environment for PayPal. 
    Here would be a real life example... You could setup a completion event to fire for Subscription Sign Ups so that the user would be added to a security role and another completion event that would send the user a message. Then you could also setup seperate completion events to handle other PayPal IPN status codes (For example notify you as the admin for payment failures or notify the user that their purchase is pending because its an echeck and once their purchase is completed they will be added to the role automatically etc...). PayPal IPN and Dynamic Forms Completion Events will work hand in hand , so you can now use Dynamic Forms for virtually any PayPal payment form, purchase, PayPal subscription etc....
    View Screenshot of Back End Administration
    • Clear Results Feature - This new feature will allow you to optionally enable a 'Reset' or 'Clear Form' link or image button to the form. The form field will be directly next to the submit or save link/image button. View Screenshot


    • New Custom SQL Script Validation - Ever wanted to parse the users information they entered for validation? Maybe confirm that they entered a valid code or check a custom database table to see if they should continue? Well now you can! You should always use SQL Validation with care, making sure to always use stored procedures to minimize the risks of SQL Injection. We will be posting several demonstration scripts to show how you can use this feature


    • General Enhancements
      • Optionally retrieve / push values of form field to a cookie
      • Optionally setup fields to not save data to the database. This is useful for form fields that you do not want to save the data such as when you might process a credit card with the Authorizenet payment gateway etc...
      • Optionally setup fields to not be displayed within the view results area

    Let me know if you have any questions or comments... Full release is scheduled for Thursday, April 17th.




    Tom LyczkoUser is Offline
    wading in the water
    wading in the water

    04-10-2008 06:08 AM

    We need a lot more ability to style everything and anything on the form...Sometimes I have been successful with the DF css file, sometimes I had to also add CSS rules into the skin.css file.

    We need the html editor to stop inserting


    into the field header every time we update any of our fields. This tag should never be inserted is a bug in DNN itself, I think...maybe a good thing to do is for the module code to just silently strip out all such tags before the page is created or displayed??

    The footer should not have any BR tags inserted. Any BR tags that are put in for whatever reason should be coded
    , not uppercase...

    The captcha's textbox should be style-able...I have already commented on this.

    Table code should be as minimal as possible, this decreases page size and reduces page load.

    Thank you, Tom


    David LindaUser is Offline
    new to the springs
    new to the springs

    08-15-2008 09:37 AM
    Hi Chad,

    Frescoips just bought Dynamic Forms 2.6.7 (according to the version number on the Host|Modules page) and I have an issue to report.

    1) if a date field is left blank the email says "Error saving date response"
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