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Sharepoint Web app hangs
Last Post 17 Feb 2010 05:49 AM by Bob. 0 Replies.
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17 Feb 2010 05:49 AM

    Hi All


    I am really hoping anyone can shed any light on a random issue we are having.  At random we will have one or more of our sharepoint web applications appear to hang.  That is to say when a user tries to access http://urla they get nothing but a blank screen, however if they access a different SP web app on the same infrastructure say http://urlb, that app will be fine.


    What we can see if that there appears to be a lot of sql connections ot the content database user WEb App UrlA. An Iisreset / reboot of the Web Front ends does nothing to reoslve the issue.  The issue either needs to resolve itself (after an hour or two) or we execute a sql script against Web App A content database to kill all SQL connections.  Once that is done the application is instantanously available.


    We do not really have a massive user load, although we do make use of a 3rd party replication tool to replicate the entire enevironment to another geographical location, but this has been the case for months now.  We are running SP1 for Sharepoint and will be upgrading to SP2 in the next week or so. We are running on 64bit servers for the Sharepoint environment (5 front ends, 2 application servers) and the SQL environment is MS SQL 2005 64 clustered across two 64 bit servers.


    All servers have massive CPU capacity and >32GB RAM.


    The issue appears to be completely random and will often disappear for weeks before re-appearing.  We have a feeling it may be the SQL environment that is not able to service the requests in time, but have now way of proving this.  At this stage any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

    The issue also seems to affect Web Apps at random (ie today it will be SP web App A, tomorrow it will be A and B and next week it might only affect C)



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