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Search Engine Ranking: Tips and Tricks

The Internet is used by millions of people each and every day for entertainment, research, work and shopping. The majority of Internet users find what they are looking for by typing in keywords on various search engines. There is a lot of competition among Web sites, and it is very important to get your Web site ranking high on the search engines. Eighty-seven percent of people who use a search engine do not look further than the first page of results that appears. Traffic to your site will increase if you are able to have your site appear on the first page of a search engine.  There are some tips and tricks you can use to get your Web site to rank at the top.


Getting your Web site a high ranking on the search engines will take dedication, time and patience. The content of your Web site needs to be well written. This can be tricky because you also want it to be unique and appealing to your target audience. To keep the site interesting, add new content on a regular basis. Proper grammar is important, so always take the time to carefully proofread. There are Web site design tutorials and tools that can help you with this if you are struggling, or you can consult a professional or Web hosting service provider.


Your Web page titles need to be simple as well as informative. This makes it much easier for search engines to understand the content on each page of your Web site. Some people make the mistake of using the same title for each page of their Web site. The title of each page is debated by some as being the most important aspect of getting a high search engine ranking. It is also important to use URL’s that are search-engine friendly. Some search engine robots will get hung up on something in the URL and not be able to identify the content.


If your Web site is new, consider submitting it to Google. This doesn’t mean you will immediately be high in the rankings but it will get you on record faster than waiting for Google to track you down. Right now Google is the most often used search engine, though you should also submit your Web site to the Yahoo Directory and the Open Directory Project. Your listing will be posted for free within a couple of weeks, or you can have it listed immediately for a fee.


Links are important for raising your Web site to the top of the ratings. You can advertise on a variety of other sites with links to your site, and while this amount of competition on the Internet is not as visible as compared to the number of stores in an immediate area. Therefore, you must get an edge on the competition to in order to be successful. While this feat requires dedication and constant updating of your Web site, it is a great way to generate more traffic to your Web site. The more traffic your site has,  the more sales you will generate. Following the tips we discussed will put your site in the right direction.


You can use a Search Engine Optimization Consultant, but be ready to pay well for such services. It is important to research such a consultant because this is a big scam on the Internet. There are many reputable consultants, but take the time to protect can be expensive, it is worth the investment. Consider setting up the payment for such advertising by only paying when it generates a sale instead of when it generates traffic. Another great option is to exchange links with other related Web sites that are not direct competitors. For example, if you sell car seats then offer links for other Web sites that sell baby items but not specifically car seats. In exchange, they will place a link to your Web site on their site.


Don’t let hackers get the business for all of your hard work. They are often able to hack into your traffic if you are using an open DSN server. As a user thinks they are being directed to your Web site, they are directed somewhere else. Your URL address is the one that is displayed in their browser so they don’t realize it. You can find out if your Web site passes the test by going to If your Web site does not pass the test, immediately contact your Web host service provider.


With so many people accessing the Internet every second of every day, it is important to get your Web site ranked high on the popular search engines. The yourself and your Web site. Find out exactly what they can offer for your Web site, and if they give you unclear answers or use many terms, then look for another consultant.

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