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Dynamic Forms



Dynamic Forms Demonstrations

This demonstrates setting up the Dynamic Forms DotNetNuke Module to work with several new features offered in v2.3.

1. The module demonstrates using the IPORTABLE feature. Although the IPORTABLE feature has been available v2.3 is the first time it fully supports features such as content localization and question events. The form was exported from another page and imported to this demonstration page.

2. The form has been setup so that the labels support google 'Auto Fill' toolbar feature. This is available by using names such as FirstName, Email, and Address as the fields short field name. You can get a ful list of available short field name types / names to use for google auto fill by reviewing our product forums.


3. Question Events. You might notice that changing the 'gift type' field from short to coffee mug hides the field below it for shirt size. Although question events was previously available in v2.2 several new features offer the ability to hide multiple field (or display multiple fields depending on how the event is setup) once you change the gift type from shirt to coffee mug.



Would you like to setup your form just as this demonstration is setup? If so simply download this template and copy it to your DNN Portals Home Directory to use the IPORTABLE feature of the module (Select Import Content from the module menu and import the template):

Download Demonstration XML Export - Import into your module


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