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Data Springs Product Support Agreement

Data Springs, Inc. Support Agreement / Provisions

Data Springs strives to deliver excellent support for our products and services.  We often review our support options, response times, and frequently asked questions to handle the most common questions/issues in the most timely manner.

Often, a quick search in the Product Forums for key words concerning your question will render several threads on that topic. We encourage you to use the Product Forums as your first resource because, more than likely, someone else has already encountered your issue.  We also suggest posting solutions that you find, additional information, enhancement requests, comments, and how-to's to share with other users.  It is always good to create a thread regarding the question even when it's handled outside the forums so solutions can be posted later.  This will help the Data Springs community grow through knowledge sharing and free community assistance.

Please note, however, that the Product Forums are for general information and community support.  Your posts may not get an immediate response from community members.  If you need immediate assistance, please open a support ticket through or use our Contact Us form.  (Please see options to access support.)

We provide 2 levels of Support as defined below:

Standard Support

Standard Support is available to address the following within the first 90 days of purchase:

  • Module / Web Part installation
  • Configuration options not working as designed
  • Product features not working properly or as documented within user guide
  • General questions, help, advice,  or assistance our products' specific capabilities
Support requests received through Snowcovered or the Contact Us form are more closely monitored and are typically addressed within 24 hours.  In most cases, solutions are readily available and can easily be provided.  However, some cases may require further research and testing.  If an issue is identified as a bug, the issue will be listed for further review and we will attempt to include a fix in the next patch or scheduled release.  Patches are released based on the extent of the problem, the resources we have available to fix the issue and other priorities already scheduled.

Note: All bugs reported should first be duplicated on our sandbox environment for a quicker fix / solution.
Outside of the normal process for scheduled bug fixes, an urgent requirement to address an identified bug will fall within Premium Support.

Premium Services

Premium Services is available for additional requirements beyond what is covered in Standard Support including:

  • Assistance in walkthroughs, assistance in specific setup and implementation of modules / web parts, direct training on features
  • Implementation of specific product coding add-ons – Examples might include specific SQL queries for Dynamic SQL Events within Dynamic Forms / Dynamic Registration, or specific JavaScript functions / implementation for features such as Client Side Events within our products. Other examples might include instances where our modules ‘can’ handle specific requirements but require additional staff resources or assistance in implementing them that goes beyond bugs or standard support agreement
  • Modifications / Changes to source code – this includes any assistance if you purchased the source code and need to modify it, or if you need to have us modify the source code to meet a specific requirement
  • Direct implementation of modules – These include module installations, configurations, and setup based on requirements document of necessary features
  • Assistance / direction with our products on a customized version of DotNetNuke® or Microsoft® SharePoint
  • General Consulting / Custom Development / DotNetNuke Modules / SharePoint Web Parts
  • Standard support beyond 90 days of purchase
  • Fixes required outside of the normally scheduled patches and releases.
  • Priority support over standard support

You may choose the Premium Support package that best suits your needs:


Premium Hourly Services:  We offer premium hourly services for one-time implementation, customization, or training projects. These hours can be used all at one time or kept on retainer with Data Springs for whenever you will need them. Let us give you an estimate for your projects!

Premium Monthly Services:  We offer 10 premium support hours for a monthly subscription rate of $600.00 with a 3-month minimum commitment.  This is intended for long-term maintenance requiring ongoing support.  This is a savings of $300.00 a month compared to purchasing premium hours without a subscription.  Note: Hours do not accumulate if not used in any given month.  If more than 10 hours are needed in any given month, additional support is available at a rate of $80.00 per hour. 

Premium Quarterly Services:  We offer 10 premium support hours for a quarterly rate of $750.00.  This option is available with a minimum commitment of 6 consecutive months (2 quarters).  This is a savings of $150.00 a quarter compared to  purchasing premium hours without a subscription. Note: Hours do not accumulate if not used any given quarter.    If more than 10 hours are needed in any given month, additional support is available at a rate of $80.00 per hour.


To obtain Premium Support , please click on the support option that's right for you and fill out the form.  Thank you.


Note: Premium Support Hours are non-refundable. You can find our full refund policy here. For subscription packages, a 30 days notice must be given before canceling.



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